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Cauliflower soup with Cauli Blossom Flower

A bowl of beige coloured soup usually looks about as appealing as Donald Trump’s hair. (No offence to the soup) But add a little flower made of food in the middle and presto it looks like an elegant starter. The Cauli Blossom is crunchy and sweet adding a great element of texture and flavour. Serves

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Hunter Valley

  The Hunter Valley, only two hours from my home in Sydney, has long been a favourite romantic getaway with my gastronomy partner in crime, Mr Walsh. (Who happens to also be my wine appreciation whizz and adventure sport accomplice) I had not thought of it as a family destination but having stumbled on the

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Back to School Smart Snack

Mrs Walsh’s 6 ingredient super simple yet smart (even though that’s an oxymoron) banana cake! You don’t need to gently fold, blend, coerce or cake whisper these ingredients together for them become this wonderfully delicious banana cake! Just throw them all in the bowl, mix and bake. As simple as my knowledge of cricket…really that

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Masala Theory’s Thoroughly Modern Indian

The village type atmosphere of Crown Street Surry Hills Food precinct evokes fond childhood memories of growing up in Melbourne. Converted terrace homes now house chic urban restaurants, in a buzzing street that channels the Melbourne vibe. New Kid on the block Masala Theory is a modern take on Indian food that is a refreshing

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Mrs Walsh’s Spanishstralian Paella

Mrs Walsh’s Spanishtralian Paella My family loves seafood and a Walsh Sunday lunch favourite has long been a Spanish Paella packed with beautiful fresh Australian seafood. For this recipe instead of the classic Chorizo and chicken I’ve substituted with more seafood. King prawns, fish, squid and baby octopus are in today’s recipe but frankly if my

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Fancy & Fast Entree

Fancy & Fast Faster than a fat man running to find the location of the Mr Whippy music, this dish is frankly faster. Perfect for a ladies luncheon entree or for the man on a diet. Serves 4 Takes 5 minutes 1 sashimi grade tuna steak Punnet of red tiny grape tomatoes Punnet of yellow

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Mia’s Banana hotcakes

I was put on to this delicious breakfast by my daughters friend who came to stay with us. It’s gluten free, dairy free, providing purposeful energy in one super simple, brain boosting breakfast. It’s a simple recipe perfect for young cooks to make all by themselves.   Serves 4 Ingredients  4 banana 4 eggs Coconut

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Sweet Soy Cinnamon Noodles with Crispy Noodle Prawn

The trio of Cinnamon, prawns and noodles are more harmonious than the Bee Gees. It’s got punch…it’s got crunch and a sweet soft side that’s positively delightful. (Not unlike my personality?) Serves 2 Ingredients  2 cloves chopped garlic 1 star anise 1 cinnamon stick broken in to pieces 1 1/2 TBS Yeo’s light soy sauce 1

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Citrus Cured Salmon

I’m not sure what this Salmon had but I cured it!! boom tish It’s a simple salmon dish perfect as a dinner party starter. Ingrediants   400-500 gr side of salmon Curing mix 120-gr-sea salt 170gr Demerara sugar ½ tablespoon coriander seed 2 star anise Zest of 1 large Orange Zest of 1 lime Zest of

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Crispy Skin Salmon With Red Pepper Coulis & Roasted Tomato Aioli

For a dinner party with a wow factor, this is one rockstar dish.  Looks pretty and seems tricky but in reality, it’s more simple than a Trump supporter.  You can make the coulis and Aioli ahead of time leaving you more time for the important things like wine … or more wine. Serves 4 Ingredients

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