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I Believe I Can Fly!

Skydive Sydney

In my previous life as a television presenter on ‘Escape With ET’ I got to present stories on all manner of adventure sports and activities. (How I miss that job) I was often asked what was my favourite thing to do? It was and still is Skydiving. Jumping out of a plane and flying through the air is a buzz that beats, Louboutons on sale, finding the lost remote and binge watching ‘Suits’ all in one? I’ve jumped in a couple of locations around Australia but one of the most picturesque is over the stunning coastline of Wollongong.


Skydiving directly over the beach with the ocean below is so surreal; it feels like a dream sequence. Best of all with you can share the experience with a loved one or even jump as a group. My husband and I had both jumped separately so when the opportunity arose to skydive together we jumped at the chance! Coolest of all we were part of Red Balloon’s World Guinness Book Of Records attempt at the most tandem skydives in eight hours.


From start to finish the instructors guide you through the entire skydive and the experienced team at Skydive Sydney make the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable. After the safety briefing it’s a short scenic plane ride to the exit point. As the excitement builds, your instructor prepares you for the countdown to the exhilarating moment when you edge out to the door and get ready to fly.


It’s this moment that is my favourite! Falling out of the plane and freefalling for 60 glorious seconds, reaching up to speeds of 220km/h, your instructor pulls the ripcord cord and for around 5 minutes you get to float and take in the spectacular Wollongong scenery. My instructor allowed me to take control (clearly she had never driven with me) and guide the parachute briefly as we floated down toward the landing point.

Landing means legs up and let your instructor get you safely back on terra firma. It was even more fun to share it with my husband and see him land just after me and get to share the excitement of what we had just experienced together. I just can’t rave enough about how much fun this is and if you’ve never jumped out of a plane you really haven’t lived. I’m now being hounded by my children to let them jump  … and dive with sharks … and go jetpacking… My family are so fabulously not normal! Let the next adventure begin…

For Sydney Skydive at Wollongong and other skydive locations around Australia head to Red Balloon. They have packages which include video and photo as well as mid week specials. .au 


For or a bit of post jump lunch, the Scarborough hotel is a spectacular spot. Tables spread across the lawn overlooking the ocean, making it the perfect spot to kick back with a glass of vino and some modern pub grub as you recall flying through the air at 140000ft! Around 15 minutes drive from where you jump near the famous sea bridge it will top off your visit to ‘The Gong’ brilliantly.

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