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Post Holiday Cheese Plate Removal

F45 at Bondi Beach Fit



After two months of school holidays the time had come to make some inroads on the 43 cheese plates I had consumed over the festive period. It’s always a struggle to make that first class knowing that you will more stiff and sore than an eighty year old at a dance party.


That’s why I like to share a fun class experience as the more fun you have the less taxing it feels! I chose to kick off the 2017 cheese plate removal with an F45 class (F45 to the uninitiated is …Team-based, functional training that places the emphasis on motivation, innovation and results.) at Bondi Beach fit. The class ‘Templars’ has all manner of fun activities done with a partner,  including high fives, a game of slaps and running away while tied to your partner. It’s like a workout and comedy caper in one.


Flying High Five

Starting with some toe taps, hurdle jumps, leg raises and box jumps we then moved on to a burpee with a double high five. This seemed like we were celebrating just getting off the floor after each burpee! Sometimes the hand slap was more musical than church going happy clappers, at other times it was a close shave with a slap in the face. The uncontrollable laughing was a welcome distraction from the exhaustion, making it winner from where I was clapping.

3630510488_d18e6c0d53_z (1)

On to the running away from your partner when you’re joined by an elastic band crazy caper! I did wonder if we don’t both stop in unison, will one sling shot the other potentially taking out a couple of fellow F45ers along the way? Which gave me additional concern over sweaty hands and kettle bell swings. I did ask instructor Nick if any slippery mitts had accidentally hurled a  kettle bell? I was assured no but did notice Nick take up a catcher position in front of the swinging weights from then on.


Playing tap the leg with instructor Lucy …. she’s fast!

Then the next of the Templar stations involved trying to slap your partner. Picture two people standing opposite each other Sumo style, then having to try to tap each other’s legs.


I figured being taller with long limbs I had this in the bag. On the bell I tapped, laughed and then watched in frustration as my shorter opponent utterly crucified me with lightning fast low blows.



To finish we had toe taps, which resemble German men dancing in lederhosen but my partner and I were so exhausted we looked more Michael Flatly lord of the dance.


Bye bye cheese plates ..see you next Christmas ?

Templars is a cracker of a class and my stomach  got an extra work from all the laughing.  I’m dying to see what the ‘Gravity’ class involves? Are we talking Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider Bungee cord action?  Cirque du Soleil?

For all the details on membership to the F45 studio at

Bondi Beach Fit head to

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