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Shark Dive Xtreme Sydney


The Shark dive at Manly Sea life Sanctuary is more fun than a dive to see them in the wild as you’re guaranteed they’re be there! Unlike an ocean dive when the sharks may decide not to come and say ‘Hi’, the resident Grey Nurse at Manly Sea life are ready and waiting to gently circle you when you hop in to the tank for the ‘Shark Dive Xtreme experience’.

Who wouldn’t want a big Grey Nurse shark cruising over their head?

No dive ticket necessary, and a little like an introductory dive at a resort you will get in to a small pool and be taken through all you need to know about diving for your half hour in the tank. Turtles giant rays and all manner of marine life live in side the tank so aside from getting up close to a three meter shark you’ll also watch as stingrays glide by like giant flying carpets whilst sea turtles and wobbegongs swim past at regular intervals. Before you suit up, your helpful guide will walk you through the aquarium explaining all you need to know about the dive and providing you with loads of fun facts on the tanks inhabitants. For example we leant that the giant ray, which appeared to be tailless, had in fact been brought into the aquarium for that very reason. Rays in the wild need their tails for defence as this ray was now without his the aquarium has become his new home. Looking at the size of him we were told he was one of the biggest in captivity, which was unsurprising to me as he looked to be about the size of a queen size bed!

Shark selfie! (I think his fin is around my shoulder?)

Once you are suited up you shimmy on down in to the tank walking on the bottom and heading for the viewing tunnel. Once there we hop over the tunnel and walk down the side toward where the big friendly giants live. We are told to lean against the tunnel and then observe as the sharks just cruise around. It is surreal and it’s hard to know where to look. They gently circle around us and at one point I felt a bump on my head only to look up and realise I had a shark cruising right over the top of my head. It’s hard to explain just how thrilling it is to be so close to these spectacular creatures. It’s so hard to observe the look but don’t touch rule as I had such an urge to give one a cuddle!

Hi Kids, mummy is having a quick pre-lunch swim with the sharks!

The half an hour seems to go in five minutes flat and for the price $252 I think it’s one of the most reasonably priced adventure activities in Sydney. The price includes all equipment and training, Sea life sanctuary entry, half hour dive and certificate with an optional extra to purchase photos and video of the dive.


For all details call 1800 078 446 or visit the website

Getting There:

Cruising on Sydney harbour on the Manly fast ferry, beats sitting in Bridge traffic by a mile. Leaving from circular Quay or Watsons Bay, catching the ferry is the best way to get to Manly.

To Eat

Hugo’s is the best and only place to have a bite after your big shark dive adventure.  Just a five minute walk across the sand or along the boardwalk from Sea life Sanctuary it’s the perfect spot to sit back and regale tales of your shark dive. Book ahead as it can get busy on weekends but the famous award winning pizza’s and other menu delights such as ‘Split Prawns’, ‘Meat balls’ ‘Spanner Crab Pasta’, ‘Hiramasa King Fish Carpaccio’ and ‘Half shell scallops’ will make it a big hit with all members of the family.

Ph: 02 8116 8555

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